Nanofunctional and Nanocomposite Materials Laboratory (NNML) has been established in 2006 after the transformation of Phylomorphous Silicate Materials Laboratory. New research directions have been established including synthesis and characterization of oxide, metallic, dense and hollow nanoparticles, thin films and coatings, with functional (photocatalytic, hydrophilic, antibacterial, magnetic and etc) properties, as well as carbogenic nanostructures (carbon nanotubes, graphite, conductive polymers) and nanocomposite materials for various applications. Continuous effort is applied for development of new, chemistry based methods, for nanoparticles synthesis (sol-gel, hydrothermal treatment, pyrolytic methods etc). The Electromagnetic radiation scattering and transmission phenomena of nanostructured and artificial materials from microwaves to optics are also subject of research.

Research Director: Dr. Christos Trapalis

Main Activities

1. Photoactive Materials for Environmental Applications

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